True Magic Jewelry

True Magic symbol description chart

These pieces may take 2-3 weeks to make, because of the more time consuming nature of cutting and tumbling the pendant, colouring, and setting the resin. Each and every piece is 'one of a kind.' Please send us an e-mail if you require it by a certain date.

Some of the more popular designs can be found at the top of the page. These designs can be made into necklaces, brooches, and earrings with pricing to reflect their size and design.


I have always been fascinated with symbology from all over the world, from world religions, mythology and transpersonal psychology. World cultures, astrology, etymology and the tarot card deck are also influences in my designs.

Some of the symbols come right out of Egyptology, such as #38, the eye of Horus, representing "opening of the Third Eye." Some come from other cultures, such as #26, a moon goddess from ancient Summeria representing "creativity." Other designs are a combination of symbols, such as #43, representing "Healing Of Body, Mind & Spirit." With this symbol, the ancient Hindu snake runs up the body representing Kundalini energy rising up the spine. The three circles are symbols of wholeness, and the arms and hands outstretched are a universal symbol of the Healer.

Some symbols are my original creations, such as #41 representing "compassion for self & others," influenced by my work in transpersonal psychology. I began working on these symbols while I was studying at The Transpersonal Therapy Center of Toronto in 1995. The course required that the students go through an intense personal psychotherapeutic process during the training. It was during this time that I noticed my jewelry was "talking back" to me in a way, as they would pop into my night dreams, day dreams and thoughts at the most appropriate times, directing my attention to where it was needed for my personal growth.


Colouring Process
Most of the "True Magic" line is made from copper, but it can be specially ordered in sterling silver if that's what you prefer. You can e-mail us for details on prices, et cetera. I love copper because it is softer than most metals (making it easy to work with) but what I love most about it is that you can play with the colour in interesting ways as it oxidizes really easily.

After cutting, texturing and sanding, the symbols are drawn on with a resist and then painted with or submerged in a chemical solution that oxidises the copper. When we see the colour that we like we quickly dry the piece and remove the drawn resist exposing the shinny copper underneath.

My favourite colouring process is torching the piece in layers, painting the piece with a resist to keep colours as they appear and then quickly quenching the piece in water when you have reached the maximum heat at which it produces those beautiful rainbow colours. It always feels like I am painting with fire! This is a very temperamental process so that when a piece comes out really beautifully it always feels like a special occasion (even after all these years).

Sometimes we combine the two processes by heating the piece first to get a golden colour,  then drawing on it with a resist, and finally oxidizing it with a solution or adding the solution on with a paint brush after torching. Lots of people assume that the work is enamelled because we use a resin on the work that gives it that look. The resin seals the colour as it is equal to 50 coats of varnish and we definitely want to protect the colour we work so hard to achieve!


Chains and other options

I offer the "True Magic" line on chain of various types, cotton cord, suede cord or matching glass beads. The chain is imported from Eastern Europe and is made from copper plated brass. It is treated to not change colour. The chains vary in cost depending ontheir intricacy. I recommend that they not be worn in the shower or pools. I offer a replacement chain for half the price but most people have not needed it. Please see pictures for colours of cords and details. (alternative chain section)


Copper Care

With the depletion of minerals in the soil caused by over-farming and poor diets, many people develop conditions specifically related to a mineral deficiency in their diet. This includes the mineral copper, which is used essentially by every cell in the body. The wearer absorbs copper through the skin by dissolving it into a permeable form. Green stains may appear when the body dissolves the copper faster than the skin can absorb it, especially during perspiration or when the sweat is too acidic. Acidity increases with stress or can indicate an unhealthy diet. This bracelet may be thought of as a ‘time release’ source of copper and an acidity gauge. It is also said that electrical charges generated on the skin from the copper travel along the acupuncture meridians at the wrist, relieving pain. No wonder thousands of people claim pain relief from wearing copper.