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      My Little Sister's Story

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Why I Became a Health Advocate

 My Sweet Little Sister, One of Millions Suffering

I think we live in a time where it is crucial to oneself and the world at large that we live from our hearts, to pursue what has heart and meaning for us,  because what has heart and meaning for us will also contribute to the whole as we are all connected. If you find yourself discouraged, depressed or feeling hopeless I encourage you to get involved in whatever way you can, be it volunteering for an organization that does good works, bringing awareness to important issues, or advocating for those who are voiceless; for me getting active can alleviate the feelings of helplessness, depression and despair that can come from seeing my little sister suffer so much, or contemplating all the challenges we face as a race at this incredible time in our history. I would much rather get active than take anti depressants to numb my feelings, because those feelings can be fuel for the fire. I honestly believe the rampant use of antidepressants adds to the epidemic of apathy in our society.

The greatest heartbreak of my life has been watching the slow and painful deterioration of my sweet little sister's mind and body. I would suffer all other heartbreaks a 100 times over if it meant that her suffering would end. Elizabeth was born June 15th 1974 when I was seven. As I grew older I was often given the responsibility of taking care of her and translate at doctor's appointments for my Portuguese speaking parents

Elizabeth 18 years old                                      Me and Liz 1998

UPDATE   July 17/20

We are in the middle of a pandemic, ( I have called it a plandemic from the beginning and predicted this in December when I sent an email to my doctor with my concern for mandatory vaccines being amped up, click here to see why) and my 45 year old little sister is in hospital. She has been in hospital for three months alone in ICU, my mother was finally able to visit last week. She has the mentality of a five year old so I am not sure she understood why we could not be with her. This caused me a lot of heartache as I was afraid she would die alone. I have written about her before as she was the inspiration for my work as a medical cannabis activist before cannabis became legal. She had her first epileptic seizure 20 minutes after her vaccines at three months old. (click here to read my stance on the vaccine issue) She was a beautiful baby who learned to walk at 11 months and toilet trained by 18 months , in other words a smart girl, but the seizures got worse as she grew and it caused some brain damage. She grew up to be a tall slim beautiful young woman who loved to swim, dance, play pool and listen to her favourite boy bands. We were brought up in an old European home where “children were seen and not heard” and even though my parents did the best they could, my father used violence to discipline and my mother infantilized my sister to the point where Elizabeth starting lashing out. Instead of fixing the problem in the family system where Elizabeth’s needs for more independence and stimulation were respected, she was put on psychiatric drugs. She became over weight and eventually horribly depressed and psychotic. She went into CAMH for two years where they tried all kinds of drugs and electric shock,  where she formed zero relationships. That should tell you volumes about our current treatment options for mental health.

( CAMH is a  pharma run hell hole in my opinion and my father is there now also separated from seeing his family)


                 Elizabeth at 11 months old                                           Elizabeth and I 1980

When she was let go after demanding that they do so, my parents had to sign a document that they understood the dangers of a drug they were putting her on called Clozapine. I noticed soon after taking this poison that she was unable to keep her head up and had difficulty moving and walking. I was alarmed by this and dismayed at how my family just accepted it as normal. I remember being at her adult school Christmas concert where I stood beside her wheel chair and helped her by holding her head up to watch the show. My older sister who has a completely different world view than I came over and said “ Elizabeth why don’t you hold your head up and watch the show?” as if it was a choice! Needless to say, I have had much conflict with family members about Elizabeth’s care. I did manage to convince my mother to let me talk to the doctor about a brain and nervous system mineral supplement that was getting an 85% success rate with all kinds of mental health disorders. I went in  to see him with Elizabeth and my mother and the doctor poo pooed it and didn’t seem to be alarmed at my sister’s horrible side effects. I am sure these side effects would not have been acceptable in a person who was not mentally disabled. That is a crime! My mother did end up giving her a maintenance dose which to this day she says helps her clam down, but what needed to happen was a therapeutic dose with weaning off the poison she was on. That never happened and the story of True hope mineral supplement and the abuse from Health Canada is worth noting because it demonstrates a huge problem; which is that our Government agencies that are supposed to work for the public have become what they call “ captured agencies” of big business. You can hear that fascinating and important Canadian story here                                       


Elizabeth 2015

Needless to say, Elizabeth got worse. I immersed myself in medical cannabis activism to cope with the frustration. When I heard about a study that showed an 85% success rate with epilepsy in 1948 , which was buried I felt compelled to research further and found the story of Mr. Rick Simpson who cured his skin cancer with cannabis oil. He was a Canadian from Nova Scotia and you can find his story here. I also became aware of the immense corruption in the cancer industry and began to be active in helping cancer patients access medicine, which you can also read about at the same link. I managed to reach out to Mr. Simpson in 2014 before he had to live outside Canada in exile for a while. He told me people would often knock at his door and when asked how they found him, he was told by officer so and so. You can also read a letter here from an expert in the field that I received to prove in a court of law why the cannabis was helping so many conditions when my donor was arrested and then all charges dropped (and listen to a rough version of a song I wrote called Song for Mr.Simpson here). I also wrote my doctor a long letter explaining what happen to my sister and demonstrated the corruption that robbed her of her life. I framed it in a way that he had to listen to me by explaining how I had been in and out of depression; how I realized it had a lot to do with watching the suffering my poor sis had to endure. He was very kind, and received my anger with grace, only I was disappointed when he offered me antidepressants. I looked him in the eye and said “don’t you dare pathologize my sadness” “ what do you mean he said”.  I responded with, Why would I want to numb out to my little sister’s pain? It’s the least I can do for her”. I think this happens way too often, People are offered drugs instead of ways to work through real important emotions that are completely reasonable in the circumstances, so we have lots of emotionally numb people in the world. By the end of our sessions he was talking about looking into cannabis more closely and reporting successes his patients were having. The experience helped me to process a lot of anger and I will be forever grateful for his patience with me.

Elizabeth’s condition only became worse and it is truly like watching someone being slowly poisoned to death. She went into hospital with a blocked intestine. It was heartbreaking to watch her awake with a huge tube down her throat into her intestine with fecal matter coming out of a tube in her mouth for days. About 18 months later a friend contacted me about a drug CAMH wanted to put his son on, he found a Health Canada warnings about death by intestinal obstruction as well as heart failure. It was Clozapine! I finally took a closer look at this drug and discovered it’s a parasympathetic nerve inhibitor. ( You can check this link out for info on how 85% of prescription drugs are based on fraudulent science) It inhibits the nerves in the small involuntary muscles as found in the intestine, heart , lungs and esophagus to swallow. I alerted my family. I personally believe that the horrible side affects people have been socially engineered by industry to accept is a crime against humanity. I had the Health Canada warning translated into Portuguese but when my mother took it to her doctor, he did what health Canada recommends “ treat the intestinal disease”. It’s deceiving how they call it a “ disease” when it’s a side effect. My older brother threw me out of his house for even trying to question it. “ Get out of here with your cockamamie ideas” I was told. I have not fully forgiven him for that. This last year Elizabeth has been in and out of hospital with constant lung infections and what they found was that she wasn’t swallowing her food properly and it was going into her lungs and causing infections. Their solution was to drill a hole in her stomach, have her stop eating and replaced with a liquid meal supplement ( full of GMO corn syrup no less) through a feeding tube. She was already bed ridden but now they took away the only pleasure in life she had left, which was eating a nice meal. I was so angry and sad for her. I could barely be in the same room. I refused to break bread with my family ever again. I have since forgiven my mother because she honestly doesn’t know any better and is of a generation where you don’t question your doctor. My older sister was put in charge of dealing with doctors and she asked them why this was happening. They said they didn’t know! She is taking a parasympathetic nerve inhibitor of which exist in the esophagus and they didn’t know?! I wrote an email to a world renowned psycho-pharmacologist  Dr.David Healey at the University of Whales who specializes in side effects of psych meds and explained the situation, and asked if I had a valid complaint. He ,to my great surprise, got back to me and wrote“ you have a good case, but today even with the pope and the president on your side it’s impossible to get a hearing” . Affirming and disappointing at the same time but at least I had the satisfaction of showing my siblings I was not a crazy “ conspiracy theorist” and I forwarded it to the hospital with a complaint. Not much came of that because I am not her legal guardian but it brought me some closure that I was able to show them their gross incompetence.

Elizabeth has lived her last few months alone in ICU where they now have a tube in a hole in her throat because she is having trouble breathing on her own. What I am about to say is very painful for me. I pray every day now that Elizabeth passes peacefully soon.  They with their technology are prolonging her death. I will never forget the moments we have had together, moments of deep intimacy where she connects to me with the purest of love and says with so much love in her eyes “I care about you Lucy”.   Her ability in those moments to transcend her circumstances and be with me in joyful love bliss is astounding to me and I will be forever grateful for the lesson in that. She has made me a better person and I love her so very deeply, my angel.



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 "Specifically, the petition has three main objectives: to encourage Health Canada to allow the specific strains of cannabis plants needed for CBD production to be imported from the U.S., to allow medical trials to be conducted in Canada, and to expedite the process of accessing CBD."