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Signed copy of Rh Positive, Live@Lorraine's

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From sponsoring jazz legends to perform at University of Toronto's Convoaction Hall in the sixties, to establishing the Rex Hotel as a jazz hotspot in eighties, to playing a 12 year run at  Nawlni's Jazz  Bar until today , New York City born and bred Jim Heineman has been a mainstay of the live Toronto jazz scene for decades. Jim's influences include "mystical" nights witnessing performances by revolutionary players such as  John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Nina Simone, Thelonious Monk and Charles Mingus to name only a few and he counts Mary Lou Williams, George Coleman, James Moody, Lenny Breau  and other greats among his mentors. He has also done his own share of mentoring, an important part of his musical legacy.  Jim's soulful playing shines throughout his latest recording and his rich melodies and emphasis on "groove" demonstrate his talent as a composer; a testament to his impressive list of mentors. With the great response to his latest CD, Rh Postive, Jim is destined to finally recieve the recognition he deserves as one of "Canada's hidden treasures".


"Very Fine Listening, It's like Old and New at the same time. Like hearing Coltrane and the MJQ doing 
    a piece of "Bolero". But Funky, Interesting and most definitely FUN!!!!! 

          Stanley Fefferman of the OpusOneReview



This CD is a "culmination of 25 years of live performance and compostions" by Jim Heineman.  To learn more about Jim and all that he has contributed to Canadian Jazz and to read more great reveiws check out his website.




The copy will be signed by Jim himself and arrive within 10 days or less of ordering if you live in North America, and a bit longer if you live overseas