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Colour Variations


This is just to demonstrate how every stone is unique in colour, and pattern. Carnelian (above left) varies from a deep red, to streaks of orange. Serpentine (second from right) varies from a yellow green, to spottled with almost black. Therefore what you order will vary from the stone pictured in the catalog.


There is also colour variations in the green patina and oxidizing solution methods that we use. Depending upon temperature and humidity, the green patina (pictured at right) may finish an almost turquoise blue, or vibrant green. The pennies pictured at left demonstrate the variations of finishes from the exact same treatment, with green patina below and oxidized solution above. The pennies all colour differently depending upon what metals they're made of, and how worn they are. The results from both of these colouring methods look wonderful, but keep in mind that there will be variations.

We do our best to pair these colouring methods with an appropriately coloured stone, when applicable.