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Dr.Melamede's Letter

April 4, 2017

To Whom it may concern,

I am writing in support of xoxoxox. As an internationally recognized expert witness

in the field of cannabis, I am providing this testimonial in an effort to educate the Court

as to the science that shows cannabis to not only function as an important treatment for

countless diseases, but that it is actually an essential nutrient for modern man that inhibits

the development of all age related illnesses. Time will prove cannabis to be the solution

for the American health care system. The reduced need for physician’s care coupled with

the inexpensive, effective and largely symptom free cannabis bases medicines/foods will

prevent the bankruptcy of our over priced, yet too often ineffective, health care system.

There are many issues that for the sake of honesty and justice must be addressed. To

begin, the international UN treaty, the Singleton Convention, was created before science

understood the active ingredients in cannabis. Subsequently, there has been an incredible

explosion of scientific literature that supports fully the contentions made by activists

around the world with respect to the broad health benefits that can be afforded by this


The world's scientific leader in cannabis research, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, has stated,

"cannabis is a treasure trove of pharmacologically active chemicals.” Dr. Mechoulam not

only discovered the structure and synthesis of THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in

cannabis, but also played critical roles in discovering the endocannabinoid system and its

components. We now know unambiguously that the endocannabinoids system, which is

found in all vertebrates, literally regulates all human body systems (circulatory, digestive,

endocrine, immunological, neurological, musculoskeletal, reproductive, and tegumentary


In all of these body systems cannabinoids, including THC, function as anti-aging

compounds through their ability to inhibit the negative consequences of excess free

radical production. Cannabinoids, both from the plant (phytocannabinoids) as well as

those we produce (endocannabinoids) should be viewed as the oil of life, as an essential

nutrient, as a food. They help protect us from the friction of life, free radicals. Free

radicals are responsible for all age related illnesses including cancers.

THC protects differentiated cells that are, for efficiency, largely burning free radical

producing carbohydrates as fuel via the electron transport system. It also helps protect

cells when overloaded by producing too many free radicals by turning on safe, but

inefficient, cellular recycling that occurs when cells are burning fat as their main energy

source. As a consequence of cannabinoid’s ability to regulate cellular energy sources to

optimize homeostasis, they have profound health benefits.

Because of their global metabolic homeostatic capacity, cannabinoids function as

adaptogens. Hence, they have profound healing properties, having clearly demonstrated,

to the people’s relief, these benefits for virtually all of man’s illnesses. Today, the

greatest global harm to humanity results from illnesses that characteristically produce

excess free radicals. HIV, for example, has evolved in the highly differentiated

immunological cells of primates and man. It requires the carbohydrate based metabolic

machinery that supported its evolution. When sugar burning is reduced sufficiently, and

replaced by safer fat burning, the viral infection process does not have the energy and

resource support required for a successful infection. The ability to control viral infections

by metabolic manipulation with cannabis extracts is extensive and includes hepatitis C.

The cannabis awakening is spreading around the world because of the beneficial

experiences that people everywhere are having. The people are demanding change. As

governments protect the special interests that have helped keep them in power, many

people are choosing safer, cheaper more efficacious cannabis-based medicines and

nutritional support. In fact, Coloradans saved the federal government 120 million dollars

because the people choose to spend money out of their own pockets for cannabis products

that provide true relief from numerous illnesses rather than using the federal healthcare

choices. High THC whole plant cannabis oil extracts can efficiently and effectively

prevent and resolve so many illnesses that it will become that new standard in medical

treatment as time proceeds and the epidemiology continues to demonstrate the health

promoting properties resulting from cannabis use.

Please embrace science and simple human kindness. Modern translations of the Bible

indicate that one of the ingredients in the holy anointing oil is cannabis. With the above

information the courts should begin to recognize Vermonter’s fundamental human right

to consume a plant that promotes health and longevity. Please end the harm that out of

date, unscientific laws are forcing on our citizen’s health.

Human health requires is an end all inhibitory policies that suppress the basic human

right of Self Determination. Our new President, Vice President and Attorney General all

support the use of Medical Marijuana. They, and all governments, will end laws that

restrict free access to life-promoting cannabis plants and their products. Legislators must

end laws that are unscientifically accelerating age-related illnesses and death of citizens.

As these facts become more universally recognized and accepted cannabis prohibition

will end globally. Those responsible, whether through malice or ignorance, must be held

accountable before the World Court for Crimes Against Humanity. The worldwide

community of man demands that all governments support the health and welfare of

those whom they represent.

Dr. Robert Melamede

Associate Professor and Biology Chairman UCCS (Retired),

CEO and President Cannabis Science (Retired),

Program Director Phoenix Tears, (Denver CO)

Executive Director Masada (Kingston,