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    My Bio-spiritual Awakening


                                                                     Our Mother Prayer

     "Our Mother Who are on Earth, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, , that will be done, To us as we do to Thee, As Thow sendest every day Thy Angels of Water, Air and Light, send Them to our bodies also, and lead us not into sickness but deliver us from evil, for Thine is the Earth, the Body and the Health. Amen "     


When I was in my twenties I got very sick. I would have terrible pain attacks in my gut that no doctor whether my own doctor or the emergency doctors I encountered, doubled over in pain, could help me with. Eventually I started doing my own research, I brought in my research to my doctor and she said to me, " we are not going to talk about that because I didn't learn that in medical school". Now if a doctor said that to me now I would say, "do you think science stops evolving after YOU graduate?" . I never went back. I self diagnosed and cured my self with fasting and diet and natural remedies. It was a profound experience for me. It was an initiation into the experience of the connection between how we treat our bodies with the food we eat and the thoughts we think. On my journey at the same time I came across a book called The Essene Book of Peace written by the Essenes who were the Jewish sect that Jesus grew up in, as documented in the dead sea scrolls. which are the earliest form of the bible. I had long abandoned the Christianity I grew up in, as I realized that much of what I was traumatized with came from the influence of religion, as in the biblical verse " Children should be seen and not heard" and resented the blatant patriarchal bent. But with the Essene book of Peace I found out that Mother Mary was their spiritual leader. The Essenes wrote the "Our Father" prayer  which is a prayer still recited by billions but what was left out was the "Our Mother" prayer. I believe it would have been a better world if it had not been left out. I am now in my fifties and I am still healthier than I was in my early twenties. I realized that divinity lives right here in our bodies, the earth and even in the food that Mother Earth provides our bodies. I was initiated into many spiritual experiences that shaped my world view and lead me to study Transpersonal Psychotherapy. I realized especially when my daughter was born that life is inherently spiritual, especially if you want to be a good parent and I learned much from my beautiful emotionally intelligent daughter. When i found the prayer I also found this 20 inch statue of Mother Mary with a 1916 date underneath, the object seemed to have energy attached to it as if many prayers had been recited in its presence. The day I brought my daughter home from hospital I had an out of body experience where my light body floated over to my dresser and my Mother Mary statute came alive, walked to the edge of the dresser and gave me a blessing as a new mother. Motherhood indeed was rich in growth experiences but two stand out for me. One was when my daughter was two and a half and I was trying to get out of the house in a hurry and said to Stella in a firm voice, " you better get your shoes on or mommy is going to get angry"...she looked up at me and in her tiny voice said " mummy you're already angry"    I was struck at the beautiful way children are always in the present moment. The second incident was when she was about seven years old. She had done something I didn't like ( don't remember what) and I went into automatic pilot and shamed her. She went into a corner in a fetal position and when I saw that my heart broke, I took her in my arms and apologized to her and explained that that was how my parents spoke to me and their parents and that I would never do it again. It was a defining moment in waking up to my unconscious learned patterns and I will be forever grateful for that.

I do believe that the current crisis ( coronovirus) demonstrates a massive need for  a bio-spiritual revolution, for people to take responsibility for their health and waking to why and how our medical systems are so corrupted by business interests