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Custom Designs


I love creating custom pieces! If you can't find what you're looking for, send me an e-mail with your ideas and budget, and I can make something just for you. I have studied the properties of Gemstones for many years, and can make recommendations for your own personal talisman to help embody different energies. 


First up is a Fire Agate and Turquoise statement necklace, custom ordered in silver filled wire and sterling silver chain. The original item was found on Etsy. It was sent as a gift to South Korea with express shipping so as to reach the recipient by the end of the week.


When I found this piece of carved Genuine Turquoise, I just had to make something special. I made it into a choker-style necklace with matching Turquoise-coloured suede bands, with copper clamp details up the neck. This piece has since made its way to a customer in England.

This was a custom ordered for a wedding gift in Jordan. It is 100% Sterling Silver, with Carnelian stones and a charm detail added to the front.

Another Genuine Turquoise piece! Probably one of the most popular Gemstones. This piece was also ordered to be taken to Jordan. It is 100% Sterling Silver as well and featured a hand beaded chain with smaller Genuine Turquoise stones.

Few things compare to havine a massive fossilized Ammonite hanging around your neck. Wrapped in a raw copper net-styled pendant and hung on several strands of thick black leather. I've since repeated this design a few times, it's been a popular necklace.

A woman from Newfoundland ordered this penny necklace for her mother. The elaborate setting was hung on a 100% long copper chain. It features a Labradorite stone (of course!) and a Hematite heart dropped off of the bottom for a nice tapered shape.

This is a 100% raw copper cuff, with a Flourite centre and two symmetrical bands featuring faceted Amethyst. The Flourite matches beautifully with its purple stripes against the soft green.

Now this is an old one! It has been some time since I've come across such high quality Citrine. It featured multiple wrapped stones with small Citrine dangling throughout. I especially like the asymmetrical setting at the front... makes it a more unusual piece.

A Crystal Quan Yin female Buddha of Compassion, in a hand sculpted Sterling Silver pendant with a Sterling Silver heart chain. Love the etherial qualities of this necklace.