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Cross Necklace with Silver Heart

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One of our newer designs, this concept is a play on our 'Cross Your Heart' rings. The cross can be found in many cultures, predominately Christianity and Pagan religions where it symbolizes the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the bond between heaven (vertical) and earth (horizontal), and the return of the Sun after the winter equinox. It is a fascinating symbol and known today as a symbol of hope, courage, sacrifice, redemption, and love.

This pendant is just under 2 inches long. The copper cross has a Sterling Silver heart lashed to its front. You can choose from either Sterling Silver or copper plated tarnish resistant chain. The chain length is 18 inches (though can be worn shorter by clasping further up the chain). You can also opt for 16 inches black leather (plus a 2 inch extension chain). We're happy to accommodate other sizes/requests as needed!