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Penny Jewelry > Penny Crescent Wrap Necklace (long)
Penny Crescent Wrap Necklace (long)

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Price: $40.00
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A 2012 penny, wrapped in a 'crescent' shaped design curled from 12 gauge copper wire, strung on a 34 inch chain that has clasps at both end, allowing the necklace to be worn long or short (at 17 inches). There are three colour options: high contrast, green patina, and antique patina.

At right are options to pick a specific penny year. Prices reflect our own costs to source pennies of each year.

If you choose a year besides the 2012 collectible coin, please type the year in the box. For years prior to 1930 please contact me for a quote. We have a stockpile of most recent years, however earlier dates become more and more pricey, and often we have to order them specifically for each request.