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Penny Jewelry > Elegant Canadian Penny Necklace W. Stone (long)
Elegant Canadian Penny Necklace W. Stone (long)

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Price: $64.00
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This piece is of a more elaborate, elegant design, and involves a 2012 Canadian penny or year of your choice wrapped in swirls of 12 gauge copper wire, with a stone dropped off the bottom. The entire pendant length comes out to nearly 3.5 inches long, and it is hung on a 34 inch fancy chain with a clasp at each end, allowing the necklace to be worn long or short (at 17 inches).

Shown below is the stone Lapis Lazuli. Please note that stones may vary depending upon availability. If you'd like to pick the exact stone we can send you photographs via e-mail. You can leave this request in the comment box.

If you would like to request a penny year, please type it in the box. For pennies older than 1930 please contact me for a quote.