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The Power of Gems and Minerals

  Posted with permission from: GIFTS FROM THE EARTH
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 For thousands of years, people have used gems and minerals for healing and transformative purposes. As diverse and as distant as many groups have been, they often reached the same conclusions on the properties of gems and minerals. Still, gemstone properties are not written in stone, and it is important for the modern crystal fancier to use his/her intuition when working with the energies of the mineral kingdom.

If a stone feels instinctively good upon handling, then it is probably a good choice for you. Your own feeling is more valid than whatever you may read. This list is just a place to begin . . .


AGATE - protection from danger, gives confidence, good luck stone, for strength
AMAZONITE - good overall health stone, calms emotions, relieves worries and fears
AMBER - powerful healing stone, sacred to many native cultures, aids the memory
AMETHYST - spiritually elevating, calming, helps meditation, creativity, relief from addictions
AMMONITE - (fossil), a protection stone, good for the birthing process
ANGELITE - stone for peace, balance, increasing awareness
APACHE TEAR - comfort in grief, protection against negativity, good luck stone, protects aura
APATITE - stimulates intellect, creativity, can suppress hunger
APOPHYLLITE - connects one to spiritual realms, aids meditation
AQUAMARINE - reduces stress, increases mental clarity, calms the nerves, increases tolerance
ARAGONITE - centering stone, for patience, meditation
AZURITE - for awakening intuition, general expansion of consciousness
BLACK ONYX - protection stone, alleviates grief
BLUE LACE AGATE - stone for calming and soothing the nerves
BLOODSTONE - for the heart, circulation, a high-energy stone
CALCITE - GREEN - good for migraines, soothing, helps us learn from lessons past
CALCITE - BLUE - calms the mind and emotions
CALCITE - PINK - calming, also a heart stone
CALCITE - ORANGE - uplifting, stone of joy, happiness, humour
CARNELIAN - energizing, brings one into the present, motivates success in business
CELESTITE - connects to spiritual and angelic realms, encourages spiritual growth, calming
CHALCEDONY - stone of goodwill, stimulates creativity, artistic expression
CHAROITE - for transmutation of negativity, allows for new possibilities
CHIASTOLITE - natural cross formation, protection stone
CHRYSACOLLA - emotional balancer, reduces fear, guilt, nervous tension
CHRYSOPRASE - for awakening hidden talents, insights
CITRINE - prosperity stone, stimulates concentration, endurance
COPPER - pain relief, arthritis and rheumatism relief
DALMATION AGATE - increases cheerfulness
DANBURITE - for cooperation, enhancing the intellect, also opens the heart
EMERALD - stone of tranquility, virtue, love and prosperity
FIRE AGATE - high energy stone, master healer
FLUORITE - brings harmony, balance, prepares for meditation
GARNET - stone of commitment, balances emotions, sex drive
HEMATITE - grounding, for concentration, enhances memory
HERKIMER DIAMOND (quartz) - stone of healing, strengthens intent
JADE - stone for good luck, wisdom, also calming
JASPER - grounding stone, increases the will
JET - draws out negative energy and unreasonable fears, reduces mood swings, depression
KUNZITE - lithium mineral, for mental illness, also opens the heart
KYANITE - aligns the chakras, good overall attunement
LABRADORITE - encourages growth in new ways, helps with life changes, promotes strength
LAPIS LAZULI - for self-expression, communication
LEPIDOLITE - reduces stress, despondency, mental illness
LODESTONE - magnetic, draws out pain from tissues, increases virility
MALACHITE - stone of transformation, releases unconscious negative experiences
METEORITE - sacred in many cultures, a gift from the infinite cosmos
MOLDAVITE - potent stone for spiritual growth
MOOKAITE - stone of the Dreamtime, connects us to the Earth
MOONSTONE - traveler's stone, for protection, calms the emotions, enhances intuition
MOSS AGATE - emotional balancing, strengthens positive personality traits
MOTHER OF PEARL - carries the gentle, peaceful healing energy of the sea, soothes emotions
OPAL - for hope, good dreams, ease in childbirth
PERIDOT - increases clarity, patience, and brings a positive outlook
PETRIFIED WOOD - aids in past-life recall, increases longevity
PREHNITE - calming, boosts immune system, aids spiritual growth
PYRITE - protection from danger, negative vibrations, very grounding
QUARTZ CRYSTAL - magnifies energy, intentions, powerful stone for healing and diagnosis
RAINFOREST JASPER - a stone of change, variety and progress, also for meditation
RHODOCHROSITE - a stone of love and balance, good for the heart, emotions
RHODONITE - a stone of love, calming, opens the heart
ROSE QUARTZ - a stone of love , opens the heart to give and receive love
RUBY - for courage and strength, also a protection stone
RUTILATED QUARTZ - repels negative energy, balances emotions and the body
SAPPHIRE - brings joy and peace of mind, increases intuition and awareness of beauty
SELENITE - enhances energy, mentally stimulating, balances confusion, for indecision
SERPENTINE - clears pathways for Kundalini to rise, aids meditation
SMOKY QUARTZ - protection from negative forces, enhances creativity and learning
SODALITE - enhances intellect, reduces confusion, good to use in group functions
SUGILITE - powerful healer, of emotions, the body, brings spiritual energy to the mental plane
TEKTITE - strengthen one's energy field, balances masculine and feminine in oneself
TIGER EYE - brings optimism a bright outlook
TOPAZ - a stone of health and wealth, also promotes good sleep
TOURMALINE - BLACK - repels and protects against negativity
TOURMALINE - BLUE - aids in communications, psychic awareness
TOURMALINE - GREEN - stone of health, prosperity and abundance
TOURMALINE - PINK - allows one to trust in the power of love, a heart stone
TOURMALINE - WATERMELON - strong activator of the heart chakra
TURQUOISE - master healer, also a traveler's stone, for protection, aids intuition
UNAKITE - allows emotional release
VESUVIANITE - aids cooperation, dispels anger, depression, fear
ZOISITE WITH RUBY - stimulates psychic ability, transmutes negativity, release of fears


January - GARNET
February - AMETHYST
September - SAPPHIRE
November - TOPAZ


Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 19) - AQUAMARINE
Pisces (Feb. 20 - Mar.19) - AMETHYST, MOONSTONE,
Aries (Mar. 20 - April 19) - RUBY, DIAMOND
Taurus (April 20 - May 19) - EMERALD, TOPAZ
Gemini (May 20 - June 19) - AGATE, TOURMALINE
Cancer (June 20 - July 22) - MOONSTONE, PEARL
Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22) - TIGER EYE, CITRINE
Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) - PERIDOT, AMAZONITE
Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22) - OPAL, SAPPHIRE
Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21) - TOPAZ, MALACHITE
Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21) - TURQUOISE
Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) - ONYX, JET


Crystal healing and therapy should be used with the understanding that it is part of a holistic treatment plan. It’s not meant to take the place of standard medical or psychological treatment, but to accompany and work alongside. The information contained herein is metaphysical in nature and does not claim to heal or cure. Besides, you have the power within you to cure yourself of ANYTHING! And we can use crystals as a tool, guide and support.


Above: a custom Genuine Turquoise bracelet