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I make most of my jewelry out of raw copper, but it can be specially ordered in sterling silver or silver filled wire if that's what you prefer. You can e-mail us for details on prices, et cetera. I love copper because it is softer than most metals (making it easy to work with) and you can play with the colour in interesting ways as it oxidizes really easily.

Health Benefits:

With the depletion of minerals in the soil caused by over-farming and poor diets, many people develop conditions related to a mineral deficiency in their diet. This includes the mineral copper, which is used essentially by every cell in the body and is the third most prevalent mineral in our bodies.

When it comes to copper jewelry, the wearer absorbs copper through the skin by dissolving it into a permeable form. Green stains may appear when the body dissolves the copper faster than the skin can absorb it, especially during perspiration or when the sweat is too acidic. Acidity increases with stress or can indicate an unhealthy diet. This bracelet may be thought of as a ‘time release’ source of copper and an acidity gauge.

It is also said that electrical charges generated on the skin from the copper travel along the acupuncture meridians at the wrist, relieving pain... one of the reasons why copper bracelets are popular with golfers, and copper rings for knitters.

Some of the benefits of copper include:

- it is anti-inflammatory, assisting in reducing symptoms of arthritis and related conditions

- it is anti-bacterial, and used widely in the medical world

- helps in maintaining the health of skeletal, nervous and cardiovascular systems

- helps the body absorb iron and sugars

- helps the body heal wounds, maintain proper growth, and prevent aging

- helps maintain proper thyroid function and heart rythm

- finally, it is known as 'brain food' and helps the brain learn and develop new neural pathways

Adding Copper to your Diet:

Some foods are especially high in copper (and countless other nutrients!) These include seafood, kale, avocados, dark chocolate, seeds and nuts, dried fruits, ham, soybeans, wheat bran, and liver. Another trick is to keep water in a copper jug for drinking, or (of course) wear copper jewelry!

'How do I clean my copper jewelry?'

Use a silver polishing cloth or soft steel wool that can be found at your local hardware store. Steel wool gives the copper a nice textured look. If you wear your copper jewelry often, the oils in your skin will help to keep it bright.

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