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The Plandemic

March 2020


Many  of us are concerned that the reason we are in this lock down is more to do with corporations having more power in government policy to basically enrich themselves and bring in a surveillance capitalism (and perhaps to live out their own sociopathic saviour complexes). By all means let’s take precautions but now they are talking about years.I think the reason it’s so difficult to entertain the possible corruption at play is because the magnitude is mind staggering and has the potential to destroy many common beliefs about the world we live in.  Given the fact that now Bill Gates has joined forces with media who are censoring what we read, the implications are staggering and hard to swallow. There are many many scientists and doctors out there saying that this lockdown will potentially do way more harm than good and that the numbers don’t add up. Why in God’s or better yet in our children’s name should we dismiss them when these doctors are so easily subjugated to ridicule for going against the status quo. The conflict of interest      (https://www.thenation.com/article/society/bill-gates-foundation-philanthropy/

is astounding when it comes to Gates and I have had people argue the whole “you're a just conspiracy theorist” argument just for pointing that out , that is when you know actual critical thought and real journalism is dying as people stick to their very often socially engineered belief systems of which Huxley predicted in 1962. https://thetollonline.com/2017/04/21/prisons-of-pleasure-or-pain-huxleys-brave-new-world-vs-orwells-1984/

 I have been a safety vaccine advocate for years because my little sis is vaccine injured . ( bed ridden at 45) Vaccine injury is a terribly misunderstood, the common slogan is that its one in a million but if you research it you'll find that it has been fixed by the most trusted organizations to look that way when millions have suffered , This is why the " anti vax movement” is so strong, it’s really made up of people like me who have been affected, ( keep in mind a minority can still mean millions), As soon as one is considered "antivax then its an excuse to not even have a discussion when really its about safety for many of us . A Harvard study (https://digital.ahrq.gov/ahrq-funded-projects/electronic-support-public-health-vaccine-adverse-event-reporting-system) that was given a million dollar grant to implement electronic support for public health  found that less than 1% of adverse reactions are reported, The results were to be implemented into the reporting system at the CDC, but the CDC ghosted the program by never returning requests for the implementation! Keep in mind the CDC makes 5 billion a year from vaccines as well. Why is this important because the CDC is closely connected to the WHO ( headed by a criminal)https://www.roughestimate.org/roughestimate/the-crimes-of-tedros-adhanom

and now the Gates Foundation ( 2nd biggest donator to the WHO) are where countries like Canada look to form policy, dismissing that as irrelevant to the current situation is potentially harmful not only to you and your family but contributes to this flawed naive mentality that we are to only look to governments for the truth.  I wish I could say that more kindly. Trudeau has now stated that this may take four and a half months until we have a vaccine in place. Be aware that even pro vax media darlings  like Dr.Paul Offit, Dr.Ian Lipkin, Dr.Peter Hotez, and finally Dr.Anthony Fauci himself have warned  the public about  “paradoxical immune enhancement”      https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4860972/user-clip-immune-enhancement

     caused by an early version of the coronavirus vaccine, which is a common reaction with respiratory virus vaccines. It means that if the vaccinated person encounters the virus in the wild, they get far sicker than average, and die. I’ll trust my own immune system thank you very much when the numbers are showing 98 to over 99% get over it  and get life long immunity! And why if you look at interviews with Fauci and Gates  why they are discouraging natural herd immunity Why? when it would provide protection  to all of us quicker. https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4866591/user-clip-dr-fauci-hoping-infected-actual-herd-immunityand even the head scientist for advising the UK recommended natural herd immunity while we protect the most vulnerable very earl in March.

This has been along time coming…. that is why they made a big deal out of measles last year to ready the public to dismiss us, it’s a farce and the quicker we realize  and have the humility to look at the situation with a truly open mind the quicker this world will become a better place for our children, because sociopaths like Gates  ( who have their hand in not only medicine but surveillance, agriculture and world finance) have way too much power and our democracy may look like the surveillance state that China is very soon, it also means they can do this and call martial law any time they want. It’s a crisis beyond measure but it’s also an opportunity to change the world in the most profound ways for the future of our children but it will require all of us to study our belief systems carefully and not turn away from ugliness that rules this sad beautiful world  ( and maybe even our own ugliness that rules our belief systems) nor turn away from the suffering of ALL involved. I would not bother with my constant pleading of people to look at the vaccine question if I didn’t think it was leading to this , medical martial law. My only reasoning is a better world for my daughter and so that mu little isister’s life is not in vain and cause I love this world. Our most sacred systems have been coveted by the greedy and your awakening  or your indifference to this will dictate your and my children’s future.