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My mission at The Tima Collection is to create unique, beautiful and good quality jewelry.

I create pieces made from natural earthy materials that carry on the ancient tradition of wearing jewelry for healing, protection, inspiration and assistance in times of transition and transformation.

This is why my logo is,

“Jewelry for Body & Soul."





I began The Tima Collection in 1988 out of necessity and a creative urge. I was out of a job and I felt the need to work with my hands, a creative output that always relaxed and rejuvenated me at the same time.  I later decided on the name as a shorter version of my middle name, Fatima, and used the word "collection" to incorporate all of my strengths and interests. The Tima Collection therefore consists of my handcrafted collection of jewelry (as this is my main source of income) as well as my collection of paintings and photographs by me and other artists. I have had lots of help along the way, and my parents were supportive from the beginning.

I specialize in copper and semi-precious stone jewelry but incorporate other materials such as: feathers, shells, silver, brass, wire, dried flowers, coins, beads, found objects and image transfers. I have been transferring images onto my jewelry since the beginning of my career. One of the first jewelry lines I created is called "True Magic," and is made up of 45 symbols, all representing a positive quality. Many of the metal colouring processes used in this line are from years of trial and error and are one of the features that are very unique to my work. The designs are influenced by my interest in mythology, world religions, cultures and transpersonal psychology. The other jewelry line is called "Earth Magic," which came about from my interest in the healing properties of semi-precious stones.

The response I receive over and over again is "Wow! How different and beautiful!" There are literally hundreds of designs to choose from, ranging from $8 wire rings to $280 one of a kind pieces.  

I sell my jewelry through high quality Art & Craft shows, art shops and boutiques, and here on the web site.  I also sell my work at my pop up shop in the Art & Design district in Toronto from April to September. We "pop up" when the weather is nice. I have a workspace at my home in Bethany, and I open my studio to the public from time to time, so if you want to visit one of the studio tours.

Please visit often, as we will be adding new beautiful, hand-crafted pieces regularly. If you are interested in buying wholesale, please contact me via e-mail and I will send you the password for our wholesale section.


Thank you for visiting,

Sincerely, Lucya Almeida