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Quality Control
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Ear Hooks

We use high quality, hypoallergenic niobium hooks made in the United States (pictured at left), and French lever back hooks (pictured at right) made from treated brass. We always send our niobium hooked earrings with rubber backings, so that they may not be lost when worn.

French Hair Clips

Our hair clips are made in France, and are of excellent quality. Unlike hair clips from China (which are prone to falling apart) these are made of only two pieces instead of three.

Quality Chain

The chain is made from copper plated brass with a treatment to keep the colour making it tarnish resistant to come off on the skin, however it does seem to get darker over time.

Knotted Earring Tops

When making earrings, we always curl the wire securely around the top of the earring and tuck in the end so that it doesn't catch. This method makes it nearly impossible for the earring to come undone.