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Rick Simpson Story

     Mr. Rick Simpson received a head injury at work. This left him with debilitating titanites. Friends suggested he try cannabis and to his surprise it worked better than any prescription drug he was using. He approached his doctor to try to get a prescription but his doctor warned him of the danger to his lungs so he asked if making essential oil and eating it would be safer and the doctor reluctantly agreed. So, he made the oil and in the meantime developed skin cancer on his neck. He then remembered a radio show  back in the early 1970s where they talked about how President Nixon ordered a study to find a connection between cannabis and cancer but what the study found was the opposite, that cannabis killed cancer cells and the study was buried. He decided to put some oil on his cancer and a week later was shocked to see it completely healed. He went off to his doctor and to his dismay his doctor refused to believe him and threw him out of his office. He then contacted everyone he could, the  cancer society, health Canada, David Suzuki, 60 minutes, no one believed him. He then planted 1600 plants on his farm, filmed himself doing it and why and took it to the RCMP. They left him alone for two years and then finally arrested him. By then he had helped over 5000 people ,with all kinds of conditions. He had 47 affidavits from people he had helped and 12 doctors  ( who here not allowed to) ready to testify . He lost and was given a slap on the wrist with a $2000 or so fine. In the meantime, he made a movie called “Run From The Cure” telling his story and showing people how to make their own oil. The movie made a lasting impression on me and I ordered a book by Dr.Samuel Epstein  ( who was interviewed in the movie) called “ Cancergate” about the corruption in the cancer industry. Dr.Epstein ( another hero) has dedicated his life to identifying carcinogenics.

    Three things stand out for me from Dr.Epstien’s book, first there was a grassroots organization called People Against Cancer (PAC) who either survived cancer or had loved ones die of cancer who were dismayed at the lack of treatment options. Surgery, Chemo and radiation  ( what I call slash, poison and burn) had been the only options for 100 years. So, they took this to the American office of Advanced Technology and that office came back with over 200 different options they felt worthy of study. When PAC took this to the Cancer Society and the National Cancer centre they were rejected with “ hostility”. The people on the boards of those organizations were CEOs of radiation and pharmaceutical companies. Second was the story of a very large corporation called Imperial Chemicals. They were producing a chemical that Dr.Epstein warned them was highly carcinogenic, that was being used in everything from toilet paper to fertilizer, and offered another option that was comparable and cheaper. They ignored him! They also owned pharmaceutical companies that made their main source of income from chemotherapy drugs; so the more cancer there was the more money they made. This is just pure greed/evil. Third we have a cancer epidemic, one in two men will get cancer and one in 2.8 women!

    The first person I helped was a young man with Crohn's disease who was scheduled to have surgery to remove part of his colon (a  drastic measure that is just too often used in the mainstream) . He made a complete recovery and learned to grow his own cannabis and teach others how to help themselves with the same condition. Thankfully cannabis is being studied and taken seriously now, so I am less active and do not have a donor at the moment. I encourage everyone to claim your right to grow your own even if you do not smoke, it is one of the healthiest anti-aging plants on the planet and will not produce a high if eaten raw in salads or juiced fresh. Dr.Courtney of California has been appealing to the UN to have it recognized as a vegetable. Thank you for reading